Ray Edwards,a Communications Strategist, Copywriter, Speaker, Author and Podcaster is a guest on the show.

We are discussing how to connect with people and be a shepherd to your flock through copywriting. We also talk about how content that does not upset anyone has zero impact at best. Great content repels or attracts.

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Why is there even a need to talk about how to become more authentic in your communication? 

In this episode, I discuss whats causing many of us to get off track and outline 6 steps to have a plan for your communication. 

The episode comes with a free tool to help you create your plan and become more authentic.

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Lou Mongello, one of the grand old men when it comes to community building, blogging, and podcasting is visiting.

He shares how to build a self-driven community that will happily co-create content and that will willingly support business and promote the community. He also shares which media are the best to create intimate relationships.


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Building on episode 7, I share 5 ways of being smarter about your video. Actionable tips to either improve what you are already doing - or to get started with videos TODAY. 

I touch upon how to record good quality with easy, how to produce efficiently, which content to create, how to get more out of each video, and how to use data.


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Desiree Martinez, an experienced video creator & Youtuber, and host of the Women of Youtube podcast show is a guest on the show.

We are discussing gender issues in the context of being a video creator. Desiree shares powerful tips to succeed on Youtube, how to start and the importance of being value-driven rather than vanity-driven.


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Mark Schaefer, author of 7 bestselling marketing books and the popular blog {grow} is guest on the show.

We are talking personal branding and business resilience during major crisis, resistance to being a personal brand and the biggest mistakes often made when building one.


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Park Howell of Business of stories shares the do's and don'ts when using stories to build your personal brand.

We talk about how imagined realities connect people and people with brands, which stories you should craft for your business and the most common mistakes in storytelling.


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Mike Morrison of the Membership Guys shares his personal business journey and how you too can build a profitable membership. 

We talk about the fallacy we struggle to accept, and how to adapt a new mindset about marketing funnels and how to move from having an audience to a devoted community.


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Listen in as I read Part 2 from my book 'Marketing Made Human: The Art and Science of Creating a Lovable Brand'.

Part 2 is called 'The new marketing paradigm' and explains how to think, act and measure your business success.

You can design your business using the Lovable Brand model and social media that support human connection.

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Listen in as I read Part 1 from my book 'Marketing Made Human: The Art and Science of Creating a Lovable Brand'. 

Part 1 is called 'The ignored truth' and this is where you learn what I mean by human marketing and why you should care.

I also reveal the biggest fallacy in marketing and explain why many feel discomfort or fear in marketing and selling.

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The Marketing Made Human for entrepreneurs movement is designed to be your place for learning authentic and easy marketing and the podcast gives you one more format so you can have more flexibility in when your everyday life.

Listen in as I tell you how I got into business strategy and human marketing, my story and I give you a glimpse of what to expect in the next episodes.

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