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One of the most efficient ways for an entrepreneur to position him/herself as an authority in a niche is publishing a book.

Here is the thing: It is not a tool for the chosen ones only. It is completely possible to publish a book for business in 90 Days!

Learn how to create and publish a book by speaking it instead of writing it.


Hi, I am Malene!

I am a digital publishing wizard and business engineer. I help consultants, coaches, speakers and authors to create and publish digital information products, ie online courses and signature books. Or in other words, I help my clients grow their business, work less hours and have a bigger impact in the world.

"I educated thousands of people over the past 20 years and decided 2018 was going to be the year to take my business online. I came across Malene and without her, I would not have come so far as I have. She has been a big help both in terms of building my web platform and advice on strategy, product launch etc. She also helped me republish 3 books and its thanks to her the result is magnificent in terms of layout and illustrations. It was also her idea to turn them into a handbook series ”Wärns små guider”, which is genius because it highlights the value in them: that they are full of easy to use tools. I just placed a new big project with Malene and recommend her to anyone with an expert knowledge they want to monetize in online products."

Birgitte Wärn
Consultant & Teacher

"We already had some online courses before meeting Malene. She helped us create our signature book and reach Amazon best ranking. We also replaced the entire backend system and have a much leaner business now. Thank you!"

Mette Dahm & Mette Wismann