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How to define your target audience

Investing time in defining and finding your perfect audience is one of the best investment of your time you'll ever make. 

Just putting your product or service out there and hoping the right people see it is just a waste of your time and money. There are really two big problems in skipping doing thorough audience research:

  1. You’ll design and explain your product in a more general way which makes it harder to relate to for your perfect customer, and for any customer really. Nobody wants 'average' or one size fits all.
  2. Your spending money getting in front of people that are not your target market and thereby reducing your ROAS (return on ad spend) as well

There are different ways to approach this.

  1. Market analysis -> Segments -> Pick a niche -> Perfect customer profile
  2. Analyse customers -> Profitable segments -> Survey -> Perfect customer profile

In this case, we’ll assume you don’t already have an audience or lots of profitable customers....

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5 Tasks Every New Personal Brand Entrepreneur Must Complete Each Week

It’s never been easier or more difficult to build a powerful personal brand business.

  • On one hand, there are really no barriers to keeping skilled people from sharing their knowledge and create a profitable personal brand.
  • On the other hand, there is so much information out there about how to do so, and most of it has become irrelevant because what used to work is no longer working.

But for sure, if you are ahead of someone and you have great teaching skills, you can help them solve problems and build a business doing so. Zero barriers - except maybe your mindset and beliefs. You just need to figure out how.

With that in mind, here are five things that personal brand entrepreneurs should be doing each week. Most of them, you need to do a lot more of when you are new in the game, but all of them are things you should continue doing far beyond the start-up phase.

1. Have a real conversation with a customer

Talking to your customers might appear so obvious a task it does not...

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