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How to woo a prospect on Facebook at the exact right time using Facebook Ads with Bob Regnerus - Ep. #30


If you have thought about using Facebook Ads to grow your business or if you already have some experience with Facebook Ads, I am sure it has crossed your mind if you are getting everything out of your ads that is possible with the budget you are investing.

Bob Regnerus shares his wisdom on:

  1. How to use the Customer Awareness Timeline to make sure the right audience sees your ad at just the right time

  2. How to hook audiences with the right content at the exact right time using compelling storytelling and copywriting depending on awareness stages

  3. How you know at which stage a customer is so you can design the right interruption mechanisms and the right ad creative

  4. When you need to use a call-to-action and when you shouldn't use one
  5. Recommended audience sizes for your campaign

  6. How you can use data intelligence and custom audiences to optimise your campaign and advertising budget

About Bob Regnerus
Bob has 22 years of experience in Digital Marketing and has...

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How to repurpose a single video and 10x your impact - Ep #27

Download the PDF checklist here!

13 Ways to Repurpose Your Content

What does it mean to repurpose content?

Repurposing your content means turning a piece of content you already created into many more pieces of content. 

Almost all content creators I’ve come across have a significant unleashed potential to reach more people in one of two ways:

  • Repurposing content they already created (the hidden treasure)
  • Creating new content with the purpose of repurposing 

Repurposing this content can be one of the easiest ways to impact more people. The crazy thing is that most don’t do so out of lack of time. 

The steps to follow are easy:

  1. Prepare excellent teaching of a solid topic
  2. Pre-record your video or create a live video and export that
  3. Repurpose the video to upload to 13 different platforms or more

Benefits of Repurposing Content

The 5 primary reasons you should repurpose are:

  1. People are not all equally knowledgeable or aware or looking for the same...

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How to create the perfect offer for Facebook Ads success with Allie Bloyd - Ep. #26

Having the perfect offer is crucial for your Facebook Ads success. But how do you know what to offer? 

Allie Bloyd is a local marketing expert helping local business businesses and marketers maximize their return on investment by implementing new technologies, marketing strategies, sales processes, content plans, and more. No worries, you can easily apply her framework to your online course business.

In this episode

  • The difference between an offer and a product
  • When to use gated content, loss leader and preview offers
  • How each offer type can generate leads - and when
  • The huge mistake of not testing which offer performs best - and how to know for sure what will be worth your ads budget
  • The gold in having the perfect organic audience and why you should avoid the mistake of taking their input of face value
  • How to deal with content overwhelm 
  • The 6 criteria for a perfect offer: I.N.S.A.N.E.
  • How the wrong offer can derail you from your goals even if you...

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