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Is TikTok relevant for business or is it all teens dancing? - Ep #20

digital marketing podcast Oct 16, 2020

As a branding expert, Keenya Kelly helps business owners at all stages to develop million dollar brands. Earlier this year, Keenya more or less stumbled into the opportunity of making TikTok a significant part of her marketing strategy.

She then grew her audience on TikTok to more than 70k followers - in 5 months!
And between the recording of this episode and publication, she grew it to 85k. That’s a 20% increase in 4 weeks!

TikTok is for sure one of the fastest growing social media networks in the world right now. But is the TikTok platform really relevant for business or is it just for fun?

How on earth did Kelly get the idea to make what seemed to be a silly, latest-greatest play-around platform like TikTok such a huge part of her brand?

It’s NEVER too late to join. But there for sure is an advantage in getting on board early on social connectivity platforms that are growing at this pace. There is no doubt it is worth considering this platform!

So I am going to leave...

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Those Who Failed Usually Gave Up

I used to be afraid.

My fear of failure kept me on a path that was not right for me for too long.

Then I discovered, I was more afraid of ending up regretting that I did not have the courage.

As human beings, we are meant to pay attention to dangerous events and plan ahead not to get stuck in really bad situations. Keep that skill! Is a good thing.

The more surprising fact is, that this goes for companies too. Business owners and managers would often mention the financial risk if taking the wrong action. However, quite often the biggest failure is not taking action at all, yet this is a common choice.

But let me tell you something. The most common reason for failing is giving up or never getting started. Letting outdated business models survive because of lack of knowledge on how to adapt.

In the area of digital marketing, many companies are transferring old methods to new media. Old wine in new bottles so to speak. However, the clever companies truly understand how...

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