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Done right, you will LOVE marketing and selling!
The rules of business and marketing are forever changed and the times of sleazy marketing are gone! If you fear marketing and selling, you need new tools and a new mindset. I am here to help you develop into a confident marketer and leader of your personal brand business.

There was NEVER a better time to build and
grow a business based on YOUR
unique skills and personality!
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In a couple of months, we are ready with a brand new program that will invite you to share your journey with us and become part of a supporting community. You will have access to a serious of digestable courses to get your business up and running and see your first revenue coming in: How to create an online course, how to define your brand, how to sell on webinars, how to set up a facebook group, how to create a freebie and build your email list, how to nurture and warm up your leads, etc.

Everything you need to BECOME YOUR OWN BOSS by marketing your coaching or consulting services or your online courses with digital marketing.

Just $25/month

Fact 1 - Customers rule marketing and have done so for a long time

A traditional marketing mindset won’t get you far. Customers don’t trust information anymore and they don’t trust companies either. They trust people.

Winning in business is almost impossible in this environment, unless you understand how to build your business on a completely different branding and marketing mindset that has human interaction as it focus point.

Most get this WRONG and YOU have the best chance ever to get AHEAD!

Fact 2 - Customers want to BELONG somewhere and to someone

Most companies alienate prospects and even customers unwillingly because they don’t understand the fundamental human desires ruling marketing.

Only 13% of customers are loyal - because there is NOBODY to be loyal to.

But done RIGHT, you have every chance of turning customers into advocates and build rich relationships without feeling salesy or pushy!

Fact 3 - The only way to build a future proof business is to apply YOU

The only ingredients you need is YOU, your personality, genuine empathy and a burning desire to create a meaningful business. Well, and the skills and mindset of a Modern Marketer.

Personal brands have a much better chance of tapping into the new world of marketing than any corporate brand. What you might think you know about marketing is quite likely no longer valid.

Once you get this, you will discover there is no reason to fear marketing and you can become a super seller and even enjoy it!

Fact 4 - The world is build from people sharing their knowledge

The world needs you. You are only reading this far because you know you can help someone. In order to do so, they need to know about you. They need your help to decide. There is no doubt there are people out there looking for exactly YOU.

The question is…. Are you ready to become even more awesome and make a real difference for YOUR people in the world?

It's exhausting not to explore your full potential and let fear keep you from building a thriving career YOU control. That feer can keep you stuck for years and years to come.

The problem is, we can never be truly happy if we let fear stop us. Nobody is dreaming about waking up at 80 full of regret and self-disappointment.

But I get it!

>> I am a recovered corporate 9-5 myself (Yeah, right! As if 9-5 was ever reality).

>> I too spent YEARS overcoming the mindset of a ‘traditional’ career being superior to becoming a full time entrepreneur. Not to mention the opinion of others who were projecting their own fear on me as well.

>> I too spent YEARS learning loads of outdated marketing strategies that didn’t work until I shifted my mindset about business and marketing.

>> I too took too long to have the COURAGE and even DESIRE to stand out and STAND BY my desire to become a speaker, author and teach what I know to those who need it.

Finally, I realised, I also felt strongly OBLIGED and super PASSIONATE about sending the elevator back down and help others escape jobs they hate and help new entrepreneurs escape their struggles with getting their first income, define their brand or even to figure out where to start.

While helping customers build their marketing funnels, create their online courses or publishing their signature books, I finally realised something else…

I WAS BUILDING MY PERSONAL BRAND BUSINESS without not even realising it.

And I was helping my customers become CONFIDENT USINESS OWNERS AND MARKETERS’s too.

My friend, let’s face it.

Once you KNOW what you are truly passionate about there really is only YOU stopping YOU.

How about we figure out together where you should start?

Just HAD IT with not moving forward with your business - and your life?

You probably already know this is true…. NOT having a fulfilling worklife and NOT having the impact in the world you are meant to have can be a real bummer...

A business based on YOU

As a Personal Brand Business Owner, your business is based on YOU. Everything you are and exactly what you are like. Nothing fake. Nothing hidden. The real you.

There is no-one youer than you - and YOU are who your people are already looking for. With your values, your personality, skills, network and all of your youniqueness. All you need to do is to show up as yourself.  No-one cares about your job title, status or past experience.

People care about YOU being able to help THEM. They care about YOU showing up for THEM. They care about YOU providing a place to belong and a meaningful vision to share.

They care about how YOU make them feel.

When you step up and into your role as a personal brand business owner, you are building a business no-one can copy. When you truly care about your people and how they experience your relationship, you are building a future proof business.

You can become a (or maybe you already are): 

>>  Teacher

>>  Coach or consultant

>>  Author

>>  Speaker

>>  Course creator

>>  Blogger

>>  Podcaster

>>  Youtube star

.... anything based on your skills and personality

You can become an influencer in your niche and the guide to your tribe. You can become someone's favourite and make them yours.

You can become a successful business owner, have all the flexibility you long for,
BE YOUR OWN BOSS! and no longer work with people who lack vision or micromanage you.

You can experience a significant feeling of “I’ve got this!” - and through your teaching and guidance, you can help others feel the same in their lives.

You can take a nap on the beach during lunch break on a Tuesday, work from anywhere on the planet (soon to be Mars), develop deep global connections and shared interests with people in your industry and not get out of pyjamas for days because you are passionately creating something awesome to help your tribe (in fact, I am in my pyjamas right now!).


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