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The Perfect Book Outline

Your Guide to Publish The Right Book for Your Business

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I've got you!

You want to claim your stake as an expert and the natural leader of your tribe, and you want to add a book to your product portfolio and not be the last person to do so in your niche. But it just seems like such a huge project to take on and you are not sure if you can find the time, the money or be able to get your book into the relevant book stores. You have so many questions and a feeling that you don't even know which questions to ask.

But friend, this is why I have put together a FREE introduction course with a lot of the basic information, direct access to feedback from me and the opportunity to ask all your questions in a safe environment while you take that first step and create the PERFECT OUTLINE OF YOUR BOOK and learn how you can write your book so much faster than you probably imagine.

You are an expert!

You already organised information and put your knowledge into systems. The big problem with book writing is not writing. It's not knowing what message to convey. You already figured out how to best communicate to your favorite audience. You are much closer than you think!

You have content!

If you are currently solving problems or teaching stuff to your audience, you are not in lack of content. We just need to organize your content, concepts and big ideas to fit a great book format and spend the majority of our time optimising for business purposes!


Yes, I want the FREE course!

You are a business owner!

Whether your core product or service is speaking, consulting,  coaching or something else, strong positioning an expert authority can boost your impact and your sales. You are trained in providing tremendous value to your audience and get them to listen to you. 

This is for you if..

  • You want to boost your consultancy, coaching, teaching, speaking or other expert business
  • You want to raise your authority and build your business around your personal brand
  • You have a solid and well defined solution you want to bring to the world 
  • You are overwhelmed by thought of actually writing a book, and worry you will spend years writing the wrong book - or you are simply stuck and not writing at all
  • You have 60-minutes to learn and make your decision at an informed level: Will you or will you not become an author? (hint: you can have your perfect outline in just a few days and publish within months!)



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