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About Malene

Hi, I am Malene Bendtsen!

I help small business owners dominate their niches by taking their business online, scale it and add new profit streams to their business through information products and digital marketing. 

Usually, my clients are consultants, coaches, authors, speakers and other experts. 

Apart from building an EXPERT BUSINESS ONLINE, I quite often also help my clients publish their signature book in which they teach their best stuff. A huge business card which instantly provides credibility and authority status.

I draw on 10+ years of experience of improving business results through creative business modeling and marketing strategies. Furthermore, I have been teaching in different contexts since the beginning of e-learning in the 90's. I hold an Executive MBA and am educated in Marketing, Management, Business Strategy & Innovation.

After leaving my job as a Director in a Danish C-20 Company, all I wanted to do was travel and dance my Cuban salsa. I went on I don't know how many vacations until I realized, I would soon have to find a way to work from anywhere. I started a consulting business and decided to go to Peru.

Long story short, this led to a job as the CEO of a self-publishing company in Latin America and I ended up staying 2 years in Peru and later 3 months in Asia before I head home to Denmark with my Peruvian man. 

During this time I noticed a significant shift in the consultancy area. Each day I discovered new consultants grow their businesses like crazy using a completely different business model. I dived in and put the pieces together for a unique formula that I now teach my clients in consultancy, online courses, retreats and group mentoring programs.

A strong desire for a different lifestyle was the starting point of my journey, and it is also a significant motivation for my clients. I am free in any possible sense of the word and I love my life and my business.

I hope I will get the chance to help you transform your business and your life too!

To your success!

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