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About Malene

Hi, I am Malene Bendtsen!

I help small business owners dominate their niches by taking their business online, scale it and add new profit streams to their business through information products and digital marketing. Building their personal brand through social media presence and self-published signature books is a cornerstone in my business.

Usually, my clients are consultants, coaches, authors, speakers and other experts. 

I draw on 10+ years of experience of improving business results through creative business modelling and marketing strategies. Furthermore, I have been teaching in different contexts since the beginning of e-learning in the 90's. I hold an Executive MBA and am educated in Marketing, Management, Business Strategy, Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Life. 

After leaving my job as a Director in a Danish C-20 Company, all I wanted to do was travel and dance my Cuban salsa. I went on I don't know how many vacations until I realized, I would soon have to find a way to work from anywhere. I started a consulting business and decided to go to Peru.

Long story short, this led to a job as the CEO of a self-publishing company in Latin America and I ended up staying 2 years in Peru and later 3 months in Asia before I head home to Denmark with my Peruvian man. 

Since then I have been helping primarily female entrepreneurs build their personal brand business via self-published books and digital marketing.

I have learned how to help them overcome fear and reluctance to marketing and selling. I discovered how this particular factor is guilty of keeping them from success. 

My new book 'Marketing Made Human: The Art and Science of Creating a Lovable Brand' is showing personal brands how to change their mind about marketing and learn how to have fun and actually enjoy and see the value for the prospect in this process. 

If you want to learn marketing with a different mindset and strategies that focus on automation AND bringing human connection back at the centre stage, maybe the Marketing Made Human Academy (membership) is for you.

Or maybe you are still at the very first stages of your business and you just need a helping hand deciding on your first offers and setting up your first sales funnels? Maybe you get into sales conversations but you don't get results? 

To be honest, most information is already out there. But if you want someone close to you who understands your business and help you solve the problems you are facing right now to start selling and get enough customers, maybe the 8-week intensive 'Personal Brand CEO' program is for you. It includes weekly live classes, recordings of them so you can watch them again, but maybe most importantly, there are live Implementation Power Hours twice a week where you can get your problems solved! 

Are you ready to take the stage for real and mark your territory? Do you want to raise your authority in your niche? Or take advantage of some of the biggest often over-looked search engines like Amazon? Then maybe you should publish your signature book. Check out the Book Programs and find the solution that works for you.

I hope I will get the chance to help you transform your business and your life too!

To your success!





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