Mindset, Support & Human Marketing 

Marketing and selling does not have to feel ackward or scary. There was NEVER a better time to build and grow a business based on YOUR unique skills and personality - and market with the intention of building real human connections.

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Just HAD IT with not moving forward with your business?

It's exhausting to keep up with Social Media and trying to figure out what to implement - not to speak of HOW to do it. You have the basics in place and know who your perfect customer is and how to be the perfect guide for them towards their goals - no matter if these goals are related to health, wealth or happiness.

Explore the full potential of your business and stop letting overwhelm or fear of marketing keep you from building a thriving business YOU control. Instead, get the support and steps to implement strategies to grow your business.

But I totally get why you are struggling!

>> I too spent YEARS learning loads of outdated marketing strategies that didn’t work until I shifted my mindset about business and marketing.

>> I too took too long to get a business coach who understood the online world and kept struggling on my own - now I build a network of people who continually inspire and challenge me

>> I spent years trying to decompose what other people are doing getting more and more confused  

Finally, I realised I needed a business coach and other women sharing the same struggles. And as I finally got my business of the ground, I realised I also felt strongly OBLIGED and super PASSIONATE about sending the elevator back down and help others escape jobs they hate and help new entrepreneurs feeling confident in the marketing efforts.

Since then, I have been helping my customers build their marketing funnels, create their online courses or publishing their signature books.

My friend, let’s face it.

Once you KNOW what you are truly passionate about there really is only YOU stopping YOU.

How about we work on your marketing together?

A business based on YOU

As a Personal Brand Business Owner, your business is based on YOU. Everything you are and exactly what you are like. Nothing fake. Nothing hidden. The real you.

There is no-one youer than you - and YOU are who your people are already looking for. With your values, your personality, skills, network and all of your youniqueness. All you need to do is to show up as yourself.  No-one cares about your job title, status or past experience.

People care about YOU being able to help THEM. They care about YOU showing up for THEM. They care about YOU providing a place to belong and a meaningful vision to share.

They care about how YOU make them feel.

Using the right branding and marketing strategies you can become an influencer in your niche and the guide to your tribe. You can become someone's favourite and make them yours.

You can become a successful business owner, have all the flexibility you long for, be your own boss and no longer work with people who lack vision or micromanage you.

You can experience a significant feeling of “I’ve got this!”

The Marketing Made Human Academy

Powerful monthly marketing SPRINTS to help you grow your business.

Your Marketing Made Human Academy Membership is based on 5 pillars:

>> Cool Marketing Strategies (90 Minute Lecture every month)
>> Marketing Made Human Group Coaching (Open mic every month)
>>  Step-by-step workbooks and challenges
>>  Weekly 2-hour Q&A with me (Implementation Power Hours)
>>  Your Own Co-Working Space

In short, all the support you need to design and implement your human marketing strategies with confidence.  

Cool Marketing Strategies

The strategies are a mix of solid, well-proven strategies and more experimental new, fun strategies based on new social media features. Each package focuses on ONE strategy and we keep at it until it works for you. You can skip a strategy if you don't find it relevant to your business and keep optimizing one of the others you already implemented. I am pretty sure though, there are always great learning and takeaways. No matter what you already did, we can optimize and take them to the next level.

It is important you get the basics in place. But marketing should also me fun and there are new fresh opportunities to stand out with bold strategies - and we will work on those as well.

Marketing Made Human Group Coaching

Every month, we'll work on having the right mindset for succeeding with sales and marketing, and how to bring human connection, tools, strategies and basic human desires together to build the most powerful human brand and position yourself as the leader of your niche and the guide to your tribe. The mic is open every month.

Step-by-step Workbooks & Challenges

Print-friendly workbook and templates guide you through one action task after another when that's relevant, so you can take out the guesswork and just do what works for others. We also run challenges in which we help each other reach common goals.

Weekly 2-Hour Q&A with me

I get it.

It seems overwhelming but you are no longer in this alone. Once a week I go live and we entirely focus on helping you implement during these sessions. We'll go hands-on it we need to to solve your problem.

Your Own Co-Working Space

Work along your peers on your implementation projects as if they were right next to you no matter where in the world they are. A great place to connect with your peers and build relationships with others on the same journey. Champagne and sparkling water is allowed though this is first and foremost a common work space to help you implement faster ;)

Get Your Monthy Strategies & Sistership for just $97 / month

Save $467 with annual membership

Risk-Free Sign Up

I’am extremely confident that you’ll find being part of the Personal Brand Business Academy useful in more ways than one.

We’re looking for fully committed entrepreneurs to join this program, so we’ll ask you gave it a fair chance and implemented the strategies.

I guarantee I’ll keep helping you until you earned your money back.

But, if you simply don’t feel this is for you, just let me know at any point in your first 30-days and I’ll terminate your payments. If you have the annual membership, I’ll refund for the remaining 11 months. Guaranteed.

Frequently Asked Questions

The SPRINTS are designed to make sure that nobody gets left behind in their entrepreneurial pursuits. This is your new home. If you are very new to online business and need guidance on all the basics faster, you can check out The Personal Brand CEO 8 week intensive program. The program includes a total of 6 months in the academy as well.

Obviously I can’t guarantee you will get results. You will need to do your part. But I’ll do everything in my power to inspire you to keep going and show you your best next steps. And I can promise that you WILL move forward if you keep showing up. I’ll make sure you have all the strategies and tools you need to take action. How much you’ll get out of your membership depends on how much you are willing to put into it.

Replays are available for all lectures. I do recommend you show up live when you can and get all of your questions answered immediately. If you are not able to attend you can watch the replay and attend WEEKLY IMPLEMENTATION POWER HOURS AND THE CO-WORKING SPACE.

I help small business owners dominate their niches by taking their business online, scale it and add new profit streams to their business through digital products and marketing. Building the personal brand through social media presence and self-published signature books are a cornerstones. Usually, my clients are consultants, coaches, authors, speakers and other experts. 

I draw on 10+ years of experience of improving business results through creative business modelling and marketing strategies.

Furthermore, I have been teaching in different contexts since the beginning of e-learning in the 90's. I hold an Executive MBA and am educated in Marketing, Management, Business Strategy, Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Life. 

I am also a former Director in a Danish C-20 Company, a former CEO of a self-publishing company in Peru, mother of 3, grandmother of 1 (yeah!!) and a passionate cuban salsa dancer, gospel singer and occasional kayaker.

I am also the author of the book 'Marketing Made Human - The Art and Science of Creating a Lovable Brand'.

The Marketing Made Human Academy

Choose your plan and you are in!

Monthly plan $97 USD / month
Yearly plan - Save $467 USD

The Academy Opens 
October 1st 2019

We are putting all of the goodies in place to welcome you into the academy shortly. Meanwhile sign up to be notified for registration in just a few weeks!