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Position yourself as a leader in your niche 
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The Perfect Book Outline - Your Guide to Publish The Right Book for Your Business 

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It is 100% possible to go from blank page to published on Amazon in just a few months!

Expert Publishing from blank page to published on Amazon and other bookstores in just a few months. You keep all the book rights and select how much help you want to get your book out. Self-study, group coaching or 1:1 book projects. Get the support level you need to complete your book. All programs address the four stages of self-publishing.

Powerful Script

Learn how to bypass your brains attempts to keep you from writing your book and get your script ready a lot faster and without much writing.

Beautiful Design

Know the technical requirements for your book, and learn how to find and work with a professional book designer at an affordable cost. 

Smart Publishing

Learn how to select the right keywords and categories to get your book in front of your audience. Choose distribution, prices and formats.

Sell Books

Design your book launch and marketing strategy and set yourself up for success in online book stores. Have own printed copies as well.

This is for you if..

  • You want to boost your consultancy, coaching, teaching, speaking or other expert business
  • You want to raise your authority and build your business around your personal brand
  • You have a solid and well defined solution you want to bring to the world 
  • You are overwhelmed by thought of actually writing a book, suffer from writers block or simpy want to get you book out FASTER without draining your energy
  • You already have a script but need help from there

Publishing for entrepreneurs selling their knowledge is DIFFERENT!

You know you can build authority in your niche if you publish a book. Maybe you attempted once, twice or several times more to write a book. Maybe you gave up in advance because you thought writing a book will take years. Or you thought you need a contract with a publisher.

Here is why YOU can publish a book so much easier than anyone else!

You are an expert!

You already organised information and put your knowledge into systems. The big problem with book writing is not writing. It's not knowing what message to convey. You already spent years figuring out how to best communicate to your favorite audience. And if you are not super specific on what you actually do, worry no more. We will fix that inside the coaching program!

You have content!

If you are currently solving problems or teaching stuff to your audience, you are not in lack of content. You probably have written articles, blog posts, video trainings, podcasts or some other format in which you teach your stuff. We just need to organize your content to fit a great book format and spend the majority of our time optimising for business purposes!

You are a business owner!

Whether your core product or service is speaking, consulting,  coaching or something else, strong positioning an expert authority can boost your impact and your sales. You are trained in providing tremendous value to your audience and get them to listen to you. Most likely you also already have systems in place to truly benefit from publishing.


Are you ready to become an author?

Get immediate access or book a call and move forward at your own pace. It can be done in just a few months but it's completely up to you if you want to spend more time. You also select the level of support you want.

Prices do not include resources like book designer, proofreading, ebook conversion. I'll help you find the right resources depending on your budget and requirements for you book.



Lifetime Access to training videos in the 'Experts Publishing 101' Course

Course modules: 

How to Create Your Powerful Script Without Too Much Writing 

How to Turn Your Script Into a Professionally Designed Book 

How to Get Your Book Into Bookstores

And a bonus on Book Marketing!

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Self-Study & Coaching


Lifetime Access to training videos in the 'Experts Publishing 101' Course

2 private 1:1 strategy sessions with Malene Bendtsen - one at the beginning and one after completing your 'first full draft' of the book. 

Weekly  Ask-Me-Anything Group Coaching & Support in the Experts Published Facebook Group

We reward your full commitment enrolling you in the 'Accountability &
Personal Progress Program' to help you maintain momentum and get there FASTER!

Payment plan available.

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From blank page to publishes in just a few months. 

You really don't care to learn how to publish a book - you just want to HAVE a book!

Using my 10 steps to publish, you will spend just a few weeks (or less) on the actual content. I will manage the project and secure the right resources and decisions.

You keep all book rights and have 100% control over the process - and the book when published.

You'll get paperback, ebook, hardcover if you  want and marketing images.

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Here is what it is like to self-publish a book working with me


Clients are hitting Amazon bestseller list

Obviously not all authors will experience that. But there is quite a lot you can do in order to achieve good Amazon ranking and trigger the algorithm that will bring your book in front of people. Let me teach you the strategies to create beautiful books and strategies to position them well.


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