Surprising ways to use chatbots to build your personal brand with Kelly Noble Mirabella - Ep #13

podcast Jul 28, 2020

Chatbots can help you automate your business which is key to being able to scale your business efficiently. But do you really want a robot to run your business and build your brand?
In this episode, I talk to Kelly Noble Mirabella and we are discussing how to use chatbots and more specifically Facebook Messenger to create a human connection to your audience.
In this episode
01:09 What are chatbots?
02:56 How can chatbots help in your marketing?
04:42 What it takes to get started
05:37 Kellys tips to balance bots and human touch
10:16 Creating engagement with bots
15:09 Mistakes: How to avoid getting your page shut down
18:57 Choosing your bot tool (you can start for free!)
21:40 How Kelly used a bot to attract a specific influencer to her business
26:55 Kellys #1 tip to build your brand with a human touch
I am still amazed by how many ways bots can help you amplify your business and this is for sure an area I am going to look more into in the near future.
How about you? Do you see how you can use this in your business? Or are you already using bots?
I'd love to continue the discussion with you in the Facebook group. So head over there right now and apply to become a member if you are not already.
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About Kelly Noble Mirabella
Kelly Noble Mirabella is an internationally sought after Messenger Marketing trainer, consultant, and builder. Before discovering Chat Marketing, Kelly had a 14-year career in social media marketing. She is the creator of Baby Got Bot and the Owner of Stellar Media Marketing.

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