The truth about what stops entrepreneurs from success with Andrew and Pete - Ep #19

podcast Oct 10, 2020

If you are an entrepreneur, I am sure you have experienced being stuck from time to time. In this episode, I talk to Andrew and Pete about what's stopping entrepreneurs from success. Though we discuss topics like profit, leadership, human marketing, time management, sales, and more - this episode is really about the internal fears and struggles that can stop you from business success.

In this episode

2:00    Andrew and Pete’s business journey - struggles, fears, and mindset shifts

10:34  How you can create a human connection within your business

16:36  Becoming the leader your business needs

18:45  Keeping it personal while growing your business. 

20:50  Want better results? Outsource.

25:08  How to remain human while selling?

30:00  Common fears stopping you from success 


About Andrew and Pete

Best friends and business partners since university, Andrew and Pete are the hosts of the YouTube channel Andrew and Pete and of the annual event Atomicon which happens in New Castle UK. They are the leaders of the Atomic community that helps entrepreneurs transition their businesses into a scalable model and build their income.


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