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The Struggles Women (And Men) Are Facing Using Video with Desiree Martinez

In this episode, I talk to Desiree Martinez, an experienced Youtuber, and host of the Women of Youtube podcast show. We are discussing what it takes to succeed on Youtube and if it plays a role if you are a man - or a woman.

In this episode

00:00  Finding your natural tribe
05:54  How free content create need for paid services
07:21  Women fighting bro-culture on YouTube
12:48  Value-driven over vanity-driven
15:22  Corona on-camera virgins
17:42  Suck, learn and improve
19:31  Two powerful tips to improve your videos
21:20  Your best friend as a YouTube creator
22:45  This could kill your retention
23:40  How to end your video perfectly
24:40  The power of being mission-driven
26:53  The one thing to do when first starting out


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About Desiree Martinez

Desiree Martinez is a wife, mom, entrepreneur, tea addict, harry potter fanatic, and lover of pedicures. She is a highly experienced video creator & Youtuber. She is the host of the Women of Youtube Podcast, a speaker and the owner of Her niche is helping military wives build a business so they can work and have a career from wherever.

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