SEO and the significant cost of typos

bounce rate google ranking seo Apr 17, 2019
Here is a strategy, you can apply to your business today!
When I first read this message, my initial thought was "S...! Is it so bad?"
Then I discovered this was not at all about my business.
Neither did the lady sending me this want me to buy a service to clean up my mistakes.
What this is, is an example of a very intelligent and 100% legit strategy we can all apply more of to our businesses.
This is a SEO person working on getting more traffic to their blog. Yes, they are probably selling a service to help me with my website, but I am not the target customer here. I am a potential lead generator.
The topic here is backlinks. That is getting other people to put links on THEIR websites leading to your content.
Here are some of the steps, she might have followed:
  1. Find pages/blog post that rank for keywords relevant to your business and have a relevant audience to you

  2. Create a relevant piece of content related to that content in the blog post. If they liked this, they might also like that (something related to your business)
  3. Find other blogs linking to that page/blog post

  4. Contact blog owners and let them know you read their blog post and have a great article for their audience that they are welcome to link to.

  5. Wupti - win-win (if its a good match)
The lady is smart for several reasons:
  • She knows how to this awesome stuff!
    (check out who has a free 7-day trial)

  • She intrigues me by letting me know she read me content and lured me to read her message by indicating I have a problem with spelling on my website. Even though that's not what she actually said at all, that's what I first thought - because it's probably true!

  • She is offering me an easy way to provide value to my audience

  • And she will get more traffic to their blog as intended.

You could do this too! 


And back to the typos.

The article is actually interesting, so she had it her way and I am sharing it with you ;) 
Here are the results they found in the Study:
Result #1:
Typo Ads Resulted in a Decrease of up to 70% in Clicks Compared to Correct Ad
Result #2:
Typos on the Landing Page Increased Bounce Rate by 85% and Reduced Time on Site by 8%
Bounce rate is the number of people leaving your website without spending any time there at all. For Google, bounce rate and time spend on a site are indicators of whether people find the content worth reading or viewing or not. Therefore, this has a direct impact on how likely Google is to list your website on the Search results page, aka. direct impact on your Google ranking.
Further details about the study in the article.
I thought you might want to check it out ;)

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