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How To Create A Remarkable Facebook Ad

Uncategorized Dec 01, 2019

You have a product, your website is online, and you are building a vibrant community on social media. It is time to start attracting new audiences and experiment with paid advertising. Lucky for you, there are many opportunities to create the perfect ad on any social media platform. For now, let’s focus on one of the most effective social media platforms in the world. Yep, it’s Facebook.

Here’s what we’ll be covering in this blog post:

  • Identifying your target audience
  • Knowing your competition
  • Choosing the best method of presenting your ad
  • Creating content for an effective Facebook ad

You’ll discover how to create an ad on Facebook by combining your audience data with the power of Facebook Ads Manager! Let’s get started.

Amaze your target audience with near-psychic ad placement

You can target different audiences with your ads: your first-time acquaintances, your luke-warm followers and repeat customers. Describe the customers who have the problem you are solving.  What are they interested in? What do they need to be ready to invest in the transformation they want, aka the product or service you sell? Customers that are interested in your offer and who need what you provide might just need a little push with a Facebook ad.

If your ad creative does not resonate with your target audience, they won’t care for your ad. It may even annoy them. Maybe they won’t click on it, or worse, choose to hide it from their news feed. You paid for that ad! Apart from wasted money, your access to that person is now limited. We don’t want to waste either money or the opportunity to stay in front of them, right?

You want to appear in front of the right people, at the right time. Make your audience say, “How did you know I need this?” That’s not psychic - just proactive problem-solving!  

To optimize your ad spend, and reach the people who will like and share your ad, it’s not negotiable to analyse your audience and potential future customers. Understand their triggers and create amazing ads to help them decide and share ;)

Get inspired by your competition

First, find at least 3 companies that are in the same niche as you - large and small businesses. As long as the audience is similar, you can get inspiration from all of them. Does comparing yourself to far more experienced businesses scare you a little? Don’t worry about that. If they have a huge audience, you know it’ll work! After all, the point is to grow your audience and customer base.  

Take a look at the content that your 3 or more competitors provide, and analyze it. Notice the language they use because it can help you better explain your product to your customers. Look for comments and reviews from customers and their audience. How are these companies promoting their offers?

You can look up your competitors’ ads in Facebook Ads Library.

Careful there. Make sure to not copy that great ad. Copyright infringement is not okay, and we’re not trying to get sued, right? As they say, imitation is the best form of flattery. You can create something similar but right for your brand and your specific offer.

Choose the right Facebook ad format

Great job! With the information we gathered, you are ready to create an ad that will get your audience clicking, commenting and sharing. Now you need to choose your Facebook Ad format.

Facebook has several ad formatting options to choose from. Which format you select depends on your product, and the type of content you’re using to make the ad.

Here are the most effective Facebook Ad formats. No matter which one you choose, what you want to achieve is to STOP the scroll and bring their attention to your message.


This is the quick and easy way to create a scroll-stopping ad that grabs immediate attention. Make sure you have some surprising elements that will want them to take a closer look. This can be achieved through colours, the direction of the eyes, some kind of asymmetry or something else. You have half a second to make them stop that scroll, so make sure your image is a strong one.


Facebook’s Video Ads are one of the most effective social media ad methods. Create a video or a short GIF as a focus of advertising that presents your product or service in action. You can tell a story, make your audience laugh or include something slightly provoking. It all depends on what fits your audience.

Video ads are extremely versatile. Anything video is more likely to reach more people than regular image ads, simply because people love video and Facebook loves happy visitors. If your video ad is based on a live streamed video, even better!


Use a casual or informal touch to create an ad that blends perfectly with Facebook Stories. As users browse their friends' Stories, your ads can appear in a video or still image format. This is a very personal way to give your customers a more casual or day-to-day look at your business.

It’s a good idea to reflect the same candid and entertaining look and feel that people see from their friends! In other words, make it look organic and native to the platform. Stories, in general, is great for engagement and behind the scenes content, so you might want to create you ad creative specifically for stories placement. Oh, and by the way, stories ads are considered to be among the cheapest right now!


Your ad can appear as a direct message in a user's message list when they're inside Facebook's Messenger app. This way, you can communicate with your customers and listen to their direct responses. It gives a very exclusive touch to your brand and provides you with valuable data for improving your ads and offerings.

Make sure you have someone to respond to those messages quickly. You can have a person reply or use Messenger bots.


Do you have a lot of gorgeous images and videos for your brand? A carousel is a versatile format and that makes it perfect for showcasing what you offer. A carousel ad on Facebook is a series of images or videos that users can rotate through.

You can use the carousel images to describe a single product, service, or event the ad is promoting. Or, you can use them to tell a story to your customers in a fun and interesting way. Make sure to include a call to action at the end!


One difference between carousel and slideshow ad formats is that Slideshow Ads only play images, not videos. The slideshow ad format compiles these images into a slideshow that plays automatically in the form of a video. You can organize your pictures to show just one of your products or many!


You can build your ad on an existing post. This strategy is excellent if you can get engagement first on the original post and add social proof to your ad creative. The post will show up inside your Ads Manager. Make sure you edited the post before you boost or use it for a post ad. You will not be able to change it later.

Another great advantage of this type of ad is, new audiences will comment, like and share it! Their reactions will add credibility to your brand directly in front of your current audience.

The Fun Part: Creating Your Ad Content

Now that you are familiar with Facebook Ad formats, let’s discuss what makes a great Facebook ad. People don’t just buy products/services. Customers buy your promises and solutions, and the way you make them feel about themselves.


An ad that creates a personal appeal to your customers is more likely to be shared and remembered. So get creative and take pictures and video of the experience they can expect!

Use bright or bold colors to grab customers’ attention as they scroll. Post high-quality images and videos and keep your look consistent, so customers can recognize your brand. Once you have their attention, they’ll read your offer. The more attractive your product looks, the more likely a customer is to share it and remember your brand.


Don’t oversell! People need to trust your ad, especially if they are encountering your product for the first time. There are scammers advertising on Facebook.  Some of your audience might not know you yet or have anxiety about their own ability to absorb value from your lessons. Your audience needs to know that you are trustworthy, and feel encouraged to learn from your coaching style. How do we overcome this obstacle?

Use social proof to show your customers that you are reliable. Include social proof in your ad copy with direct and easy to understand language. This social proof can be a statistic, positive feedback, product review from a customer, client testimonial or anything that puts a good word in for you and your products/services. It’s best to use words from your previous or existing customers that have already fallen in love with what you offer. Obviously, social engagement with the post itself in the form of comments adds tremendous value.


Motivate your customers with deadlines. You can create seasonal or timely offers. Use time constraints to let your leads and customers know that your offer is not going to last forever. This will make them act quickly and increase the rate at which you see an ROI from your ad spend.

Even if they are interested in the offer, without time constraints it’s more likely that customers will just keep putting it off and potentially invest somewhere else. We want to convert people who see your ad into customers! One of the best ways of doing that is giving them a reason to make up their mind if they are going to do whatever they dream of doing at all


Keep your content relevant to your audience. Your sales and profit margin is on the line. If the ad has zero or low relevance to your audience at the time they see the ad, you won’t be seeing any conversion from your ad adding to your sales numbers.

Well-written sales copy goes a long way here! Add some great multimedia to show people what they’re getting. When people find quality content on your Facebook, not only will they share it, they’ll remember where they found it.


Now, all you need is a clear call-to-action. Decide on one simple action you want people to take. The easiest way is to focus your ad on one section of your sales funnel. This way, your CTA and links will send them exactly where they need to go next.

Focus on actions that lead directly to revenue such as adding products to a cart, booking a consultation, or signing up for a subscription product. Don’t be shy: use direct language!

If your campaign is targeting cold audiences - audiences who never heard about you - your CTA should simply help you identify who they are. That way, you can continue the conversation with additional content. A freebie or giveaway is a great tool for that.

Comply with Facebook Ad Guidelines

In order to make sure your ads are approved by Facebook, you need to comply with Facebook Ad Guidelines ( Here are some of the most important ones:

  • Image to Text Ratio: If an image in your ad contains more than 25% text, Facebook will limit the reach of the entire ad. Be sure to use a grid to monitor how much text you’re editing into your ad images.

  • Aspect Ratios: Facebook has a minimum size and specific image dimensions that your images and videos fit into. Follow these to avoid stretching or distorting your images.
  • File Formats: Facebook only allows you to upload certain types of images or videos. They also offer best practice guidelines for exporting videos that will remain high quality after being uploaded. You can find those here:
  • Character Limits: You can only write so many characters into your ad copy. Check Facebook Ads Guidelines to get info about your ad format. Keep your ad headline brief and effective.

The strength of Facebook Ads Manager

One of the interesting and useful things about Facebook Ads Manager is you can keep track of conversion, engagement, reactions, views, and clicks for each of your beautiful ads right there on the platform. You can even save audiences that you create, to use and adjust when you make future ads! You can actively watch customers take the journey from seeing your ad to purchasing, and better understand your audience.

Create a Facebook Business Manager account and monitor everything from the Ads Manager section.  

Now, go out there and get creative with your knowledge and create powerful Facebook Ads!



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