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Importance Of Human Marketing in Business

Uncategorized Dec 30, 2019

Ever wished to monetize your skill?

If you’re steered this way then the answer must be yes. But mere thinking about kick-starting a business gives us chills. Not anymore. Being the boss of your own self and branding yourself is only a matter of decision and overcoming fears. Getting a little out of your comfort zone is all it takes to be a solopreneur. For crossing the line of comfort, you need confidence, a lot of it and confidence can be gained by taking actions, little ones in the beginning and most importantly, dealing with a fear of failures. Fear is our natural response towards anything new, even though there’s no actual danger but you’re afraid of stepping out.  A little action can result in a drastic change.

Talking about the actual importance of human marketing in business management, it is of utmost importance to take the whole subject as science and deal it like any other experiment. Yes! I’m exactly saying what you’re thinking of. There is no hard and fast rule to make sure that the marketing strategy for the respective product will flock the customers just because it did for others or just because it did in the past. Sometimes big names fail to deliver what local small business entrepreneurs achieve. And at other times small businesses might get eaten up by big sharks due to inappropriate marketing strategies. Thus, it’s always an experiment, every old or new tactic is always a risk.

But there are a few things that can minimize the risk and might be able to bring the clients more effectively. Before getting into the pointers for better business management it is vital to cater the fears too. Solopreneurs are often afraid of getting on the bad side of the potential clients or even get rejected since one of their jobs is to monetize their specialty and on the other hand costumers might also harbor negative emotions owning to the very same reason. And all these situations find shelter in digital marketing. Technological advancements and online marketing strategies might have taken over human marketing but at the end of the day “people don’t buy from businesses, people buy from people!”

 First it should be kept in mind that “Marketing is meant to sustain brand’s presence not to remedy its lack of acknowledgment.” In order to sustain that significant place there are a few things that we should add to our human marketing road map to attain desired or at least near-desired results:

Learn to read:

Learn to read people, people who could be your potential clients. Knowing clients is integral before planning, investing in branding, website design or anything. So first thing after sorting out your niche is to understand the psychology and need of client.

Brand yourself:

It’s kind of a pre-requisite. Make your identity and pour in your all. Personal branding is vital for maintaining your dignified and peculiar place in the market. Even though you might be an all-rounder but market only specific things.

Make a stunning website:

It might not be exactly according to your taste or you might not like the color scheme that much but it has to be appealing to the clients.

Chat-bots rock:

Make touchpoints. People love some real interaction and instant one! If you succeed to grab their attention on their first landing, you made a client.

Offer freebies:

Who doesn’t love freebies? It’s an ultimate treat and indeed an essential part of successful sales funnel. A freebie is a depiction of your qualities and your skill level. It’s the freebie that acts like a magnet and holds in the clients. Freebies have to be really good because they will make your client hooked up to the paid stuff. It could be anything an e-book, info graphs, video series, podcasts or anything.

Hold webinars:

Share your knowledge from time to time in the form of a well-planned and knowledgeable webinar.

Do lives:

Getting on Facebook live is one of the best marketing tactics especially when you’re about to launch a course or something.

Social media marketing:

Either it’s really cheap or free or almost everybody uses social media so digital marketing is really feasible and no help is required. Stay active and stay connected.

Human marketing reflects how much one is willing to pour energy in business. It’s all about coming true and bare in front of your clients and showing how much you care and cherish the people who are part of your growth. It attracts your true tribe and makes your community just like you wanted and hence makes work more fun and engaging.


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