How to sell self-published books on Amazon - Ep #15

podcast Aug 08, 2020

If you are looking to position yourself as an expert within your field, you most likely considered becoming an author and publish your non-fiction book.

In this episode

  • What is self-publishing?
  • How much time do you need? (spoiler alert: we are talking months!)
  • Launch before you are ready - you never will be
  • When you should publish
After exploring the pro's and con's of selling your books on Amazon, we dive into 
5 must do’s:
  1. Relevancy: Make sure you are attracting your ideal customer to your business
  2. Design: Treat your book like your most important product design-wise and  make it a professionally designed branding tool that you are super proud of
  3. Trigger the reader to go further with you - optimize design and content for conversion on the backend (selling your other more profitable products)
  4. Understand the complexity of keywords and categories - don't guess! 
  5. Plan how you are going to send ongoing traffic to the book 

Decide from the beginning: Are you going to make it a priority to put a lot of effort into promoting your book - or is it enough for you simply to use your book as an extended business card? A conversation starter? A door opener?

Your very first step is to make sure the book you are considering is in fact relevant and that you are publishing the right book for your business.
I want to leave you with this: There will NEVER be enough time to write a book and you will never feel ready.
However, at some point, you seriously should consider having your book out. It does NOT have to take years and a great place to start is grabbing the free PERFECT BOOK' course to make sure you are publishing the RIGHT book for your business.
Head over to the Facebook group and share if you already published a book or you are considering doing so!

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