How to be more authentic with your communication - Ep #010

podcast Jun 23, 2020

In this episode, I point out the main reasons why you may struggle in your communication and give you a framework for how you can communicate more authentically.
So why is there a need to talk about communicating authentically?
  1. Fear of rejection sparks a perceived need to satisfy what we think others want to hear
  2. You don't know or have a plan for what to talk about
  3. We learned marketing and selling is about showing our best side and only those, hiding the rest
Step 1: Know yourself
- who are you? really?
- how would others describe you?
- list your 3 biggest fears and how they impact your public behavior
- who do you secret aspire to look like or sound like? why?
Step 2: Who do you want to be for?
- how is your ideal client?
- how would your ideal client perceive you?
- why are they staying close to you?
- in which situations are you connecting best with them?
- which aspects of you are corky, different or interesting to your ideal customer?
Step 3: Know your voice
- what is your edge: opinions about industry, strategies, and life
- be intentional: what do you want to be known for?
- define your brand persona 
Get The Personal Brand Playbook to help you define this.
Step 4: Clarity on change
- what are your main arenas for communicating and connecting with your audience?
- are there other platforms that feel more natural to you?
- what do you want to do more of and less of in your communication?

Which are you? I have a tendency to...

  1. talk over people
  2. shy away from difficult conversations
  3. freeze on camera
  4. talk more than you listen
  5. focus on your own feelings
  6. are you good at asking questions
  7. interrupt
  8. super empathetic
  9. I want to be more
  10. comfortable on camera
  11. unapologetic myself
  12. listening
  13. open
  14. storytelling
  15. honest
  16. real and raw
  17. ....
- who of those you look to now and admire is really not a model for YOUR authentic communication (stop borrowing from them)
- who might be better role models?
Step 5: Toolbox
- Park Howell: what's your brand story? (listen to episode 5)
- write 3 small real-life stories of defining moments of your journey
- write 3 small real-life stories that reflect your opinions
- define your content buckets: topics you should start talking about
- topics you should give less space or stop talking about
Step 6: Feedback
- your own continued followup
- ask others for feedback
When you are not clear on who you are and who you are not, you cannot be authentic.
'The Personal Brand Playbook' will help you:
  1. attract ideal clients
  2. be happy and feel at home in your business
  3. stand out uniquely in your niche
  4. become a magnetic communicator
  5. decide on your visual brand identity
  6. craft your brand stories
  7. create your content plan

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