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Coaches generally have a burning desire to help people. However, coaching businesses often struggle with one of two problems: finding enough customers or being fully booked and not having time for more customers. AKA they experience a lack of growth, lack of flexibility - and impact fewer people than they feel they should.

They know creating an online course could solve that - but there are just so many new things to learn and so many decisions to make. So they give up and stay where they are. Or they pick themselves up and get cracking on their course.

But you don’t need to do this alone.

Let’s have a quick chat about how a coach might help you growing your coaching business.

Even the world's biggest athletes have a coach. Top CEOs surround themselves with advisors to make important decisions, and with speakers, authors, and academics - to learn and get inspired.

In my many years in business, I often heard people say that bigger companies have all the advantages because they have more resources available and can afford to hire the best advisors.

The truth is that even small businesses can employ skilled thinkers to assist them in important matters. And small businesses or new entrepreneurs need to lean on the experience of others even more. They need to bounce off ideas, outsource tasks that require skills that aren’t and shouldn’t be their key strength and they need help to think through what is the best way forward for them.

I have used coaches myself in the past - still do - and I also act as a business coach for course creators and selfpublishing coach. Both an online course and a non-fiction book are all about packaging your knowledge in a way that will bring the reader or student from A-Z.

You can say I am a package-and-sell-your-knowledge coach. 

You may be a lifestyle coach, dog training coach, creativity coach, productivity coach, nutrition coach, parenting coach, anti-stress coach, weight loss coach, or some other kind of coach, educator, or guide.

Coaches often struggle with one of two problems:

  1. Finding customers or
  2. Not having time for more customers

If your problem is finding customers, I suggest you take a step back and look at the foundation of your business. Are you clear on who your ideal customer is and which problems they experience? Are you visible enough? Is your message clear?

And yes, a coach can be very helpful at this stage of your business to help you become clear enough and to reveal your blindspots. You can create courses at this point - but I actually recommend you have enough experience with clients to be able to see the commonalities across the target group you aim for.

Anyway, today I want to talk to you specifically about how a coach can help you create a coaching business for the long haul.

One of the most important problems I help coaches, like you, solve is to break the glass ceiling and create products that can be sold again and again. Or in other words: I help them to growth which is not limited to how many hours they have available to sell.

  • I help them add a new, scalable income stream to their business
  • I help them create and sell online courses, either as stand-alone video courses or combined with group coaching.

Like you might help individuals go through a much-desired transformation today, you can also build strong, transformational online training courses to help more people go through difficult stuff, no matter where you're in your coaching business. In fact, some of your customers may prefer the option to choose this format.

And you may even be able to reach and attract people who are fans of your work but don’t want or can’t afford individual coaching.

All the skills needed to build an online course are learnable and there are many resources available to you to acquire the skills and knowledge you lack. The difficult part is to know which course you should create and what is best or right for your business.

This is where hiring a coach for your online course or to join a community of like-minded people can be super helpful.

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Now let’s get into more detail on exactly how a coach can help you create and launch a successful online course

7 important decisions a coach can help you make

#1 Choose what kind of online course is ideal for your business

Should you create a signature course you can become known for, a more narrow but in-depth course teaching a specific skill in all its detail, or maybe a course that is teaching a process at an overall level and help solve some of the first problems your customers has?

Or rather a small starter course that can lead to your bigger signature course later? Or to a membership?

There is no one-size-fits-all here and it can be difficult to know where to start and what suits your goals and desires the best.

Two of the most important things to consider here are how long it will take the student to consume the course, implement and get results - and also how long it realistically will take you to create the content - and that depends not only on the amount of content but also on how many of the required skills you possess already and how much need to be learned.

Unless you already taught the same material in other settings, I never recommend you start with an extensive signature course.

#2 Identify possible topics

A coach can help you find possible topics and help you get as close to a guarantee as possible that there will be strong consumer demand for your course.

This involves market testing techniques to quickly provide market feedback and ensure that your course concept is viable.

#3 Pick a course name

Your coach can also guide you on how to choose a course name that will attract the intended people to your business and convert them into customers

#4 Decide the structure, length, and price point for your course

If you are creating your first course, a coach can help you understand all the aspects you need clearly defined before starting to creating the content.

In fact, if you get this right, you can start selling before you even create the content.

#5 Decide on your presentation format

Should you be filming videos, or deliver your course in an audio format - or maybe a text format? If video, should it be face-to-camera or screen recording? What should be the maximum length of each video, audio, or text? Which complementing material will you provide to help your students get to the finish line and get results?

#6 Choose the best marketing strategy

Your best strategy depends on the course but also on your situation and experience. Deciding on your strategy involves understanding the tasks involved in the different strategies and how many and which resources will be needed for the launch but also long term.

How is this going to work when you have your first 10 students and how when you have 250 students coming in at a time? Should you use paid advertising? How should you use your email list - or build one? When should you launch?

#7 Choose the optimal course platform

Find out what technology and equipment your online courses require and what will serve you best now and long term. I love the Kajabi platform - which is really an all-in-one business platform with sales pages, videohosting / course delivery, email marketing, webinars, sales funnels, a website with your own domain name, and yes… everything you need is included.

But there are lots of course platforms available to you and a course consultant or coach can help you decide which is best for you.

Come of the most commonly used are:

Be aware of the difference between solutions that will allow you to deliver your course and systems that are all-in-one business platforms. Also, do your research on whether they will charge a monthly fee, a cut of your sales or both.

Now, this can sound like these decisions are difficult.

They are not necessarily difficult at all. But they do require that you understand your options, that you are able to eliminate your blind spots, and that you won’t get overwhelmed in the process.

The reason anyone hires a coach is very much to speed up the process and to be kept accountable. It’s like adding an external force into the equation so you will make decision and implement what you say you will.

An online course is an excellent way to build or expand your business, strengthen your brand, and earn financial freedom in a way that gives you a lot of flexibility.

Having an online course coach - or joining a program with real access to a coach - can save you time, money, stress, and sleepless nights.

It can help you become a successful course creator sooner rather than later.

You’ve got this, friend 🙂

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