How anyone can achieve anything they want with Cliff Ravenscraft - Ep. #31

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How anyone can achieve any goal

Have you ever set goals that you didn't hit?

Do you sometimes experience a lack of motivation or do you procrastinate a lot?

Or in other words: Are you living the life of your dreams - or are you simply dreaming the life you want to live?

Cliff Ravenscraft is a Life Transformation Expert. In 2008, Cliff left an extremely lucrative career in a family-run insurance agency that he was next in line to take over the agency from his father.

Over the next decade, he built an online business where he became the world's leading authority on podcasting. Cliff is personally responsible for training more than 40,000 people on the successful launch of their podcast.

But in 2017, Cliff made a decision to shut down 100% of all income streams from this business, so that he could focus all of his work energy on what he felt most passionate about doing in the world. Today, Cliff is experiencing greater fulfillment and profitability than he ever imagined coaching others as they CREATE the life of their dreams. In the episode, he also shares another huge accomplishment - a big change that completely transformed his life. 

Alright, let's talk goals.

Most people don't set goals

Clearly you need to know what your goal is in order to achieve it. Many don't set a goal at all and don't really know what they want. Or they set an unreachable goal, an unambitious goal, or an unworthy goal (doesn’t make you wanna live!). 

Or they set a goal that is really what they think they should do or others expect them to do. There is simply not enough motivation in that.

Great goals are based on the right feelings

Wanting to make a million is also not a proper goal. There is simply not enough motivation for money. Or if they achieve their goal, they are still not happy. People who achieve their goals know why they want what they want. It's about what the money can do for them.

Achievers also believe it's possible. And they believe it will happen. And they make a conscious decision - which really means that they kill any other outcome of their effort in their minds.

Tony Robbins:
"People are not lazy. They have impotent goals."

The gift of procrastination 

Why do some people always get rerouted, distracted, or sucked into procrastination while others seem disciplined and easily avoid these traps?

First of all, procrastination is a gift. When you are putting things off, they are simply not essential to you. Your subconsciousness, or your heart, really don't care if you do the work necessary (read: if you reach that goal).

You will get two types of things done: What you really desire and what you are required to do. If it's not required and you don't do it, probably you should ask yourself if you really desire to achieve this goal and especially revisit why. What is the feeling you want to have after achieving this goal?

Anything that can be procrastinated is non-essential and is not going to get you where you want to go and where you can be your best self.

Steve Jobs:
"Ask yourself each morning, if what you are about to do today is something you want to do. If the answer is no too many days, something needs to change."


Motivation Abundance

Not being motivated is simply not something that happens to anyone. We are born with an abundance of motivation. This is what keeps us alive and we all have it.

We are either motivated to experience pleasure or avoid pain or both. 

Listen from minute 37 to hear Cliff's incredible change story which illustrates this perfectly. We go into details on how to attach pleasure and pain to your goals in a very practical way as well as in your mind using neuro-association techniques.


  1. Create a list of the massive, immediate, unbearable pain of not doing [whatever you need to do to achieve your goal]
  2. Create a list of the massive, immediate, pleasure that you will experience if you [whatever you need to do to achieve your goal]

Make the lists as long as you can and include all the feelings, good or bad, associated with the scenarios. Describe them in colorful language.


Cliff's 3 best tips to change their lives

  1. You are going to die. 
    Never lose sight of that and choose your life deliberately. Live a life worthy of the time you have on earth.

  2. Who are you?
    Write down your answer to this every day - in the words you have for it that day. Your words. Not what other people told you. You choose your identity.

  3. Why are you here?
    Do the same for this question. Every day for 30 days. THEN decide what you want.

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