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Go for Scale

Uncategorized Aug 29, 2017

Hardly anyone else discusses this, but I believe one of the main reasons that we are hesitant to promote ourselves (see blogpost Know your value) is because we do not factor in expansion into our businesses.

But this is the issue client-driven small businesses have. They’re too small. They are limited. When we know in our minds that we only need a couple of clients per month in order to be fine financially, we limit our need to promote. There is no incentive to do that much, whether the client is booked in advance or not.

I am sure many readers of this blog will recognise the side effects of this. A constant worry about where to fint the next client, the temptation to take on any client that appears before our eyes, and a crystal clear path laid out for the business: limited growth and limited profits.

We don’t want to do so much marketing that we end up with too many clients. Better just stick to the more random what-comes-along approach.

These limitations create hesitation. The thing is, this is the wrong question. Yes, you want a steady inflow of clients. The question is which clients will grow your business? Which clients and which services would allow you a higher average profit? Once you get your client generating system in place and delivering the right kind of clients, you will also be able to produce more and scale your business.

What we need is a plan for scaling the business upwards indefinitely. We need to be bold in our actions, driven by momentum. I can’t emphasise this enough. Once you feel you are the best in your field and are dominating your market, you will want to spread the word and help so many more clients achieve awesome results using your services. Why would you want to keep the good stuff to yourselves then?

When we have room to breath; room to grow without limits, then our marketing becomes meaningful. We push it as far as it will go because a business that is driven by abundance is exciting to be a part of.

Ever wonder why newly funded tech startups tend to incapsulate an air of buzz and excitement through the people who work there?

Because the sky is the limit. They are shooting for massive scale because it is possible.

Even if you are currently a small freelance business owner you too should aim for the sky. Even as a one-man band you can create scalable products that could complement your main service, as well as marketing the services themselves, with emphasis on the products. Or as an expert in your well-defined field, you can train others and getting paid well for that. Publishing a Book is an excellent starting point for that.

All of these options provide more room to really push your marketing.

You really do want to have a plan for scaling up. You want to scale so that you can market and share freely and deeply. Doing this, you will be able to make a much bigger difference in somebodies lives.

Don’t think small, because your actions end up being small, and hesitant. I’ve seen it so many times, and these businesses always stop, start, and eventually peter out and die.

Scale to survive. Scale to prosper. Scale to be the best version of you.

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