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Should you hire a professional copywriter or do it yourself?

Uncategorized Nov 27, 2019

Copywriting is crucial to present your voice in the way your audience best understands. You are wondering whether you should write your own copy or hire someone to do it for you.

Let’s discuss what a copywriter does, and take a look at your options. You’ll be able to better choose whether to hire a copywriter or not.

What does a copywriter do?

Simply put, a copywriter writes marketing content. In a day, a copywriter might write a sales email, a landing page, and 10 social media posts, all before lunch. Written content is necessary to increase your brand awareness, get you ranked for search results, and ultimately persuade your audience to take action.

Your written content affects your reputation and your brand image. How your copy is written affects the effectiveness of your communication. What you say influences your customers’ ability to understand your message and make decisions.

A good copywriter doesn’t just throw words together. They understand the human psychology behind purchase decisions. Copywriters use words to guide the audience through the actions in your sales funnel. For that reason, any expert copywriter needs to know your audience and customers, and have a range of skills. Good copywriting connects you with your ideal clients and buyers.

Writing on your own

If you decide to write your own copy, it’s important to know all the elements you need to cover. We all know how to write, we learn it in school, we practice as often as possible, but knowing how to write an essay and copywriting are two completely different things.

Copywriting affects every part of your online presence. Not only does copywriting affect how well you can be found online, it also affects your conversion rates.

SEO and keywords

Learn why  SEO and keywords are important. A copywriter can make sure that what you’re writing contributes to your specific SEO goals. This will help your pages rank higher on Google so that you can increase site traffic and sales.

Brand voice

Consistency is key! Imagine your favorite blog is fun and spunky one week then straight-laced and professional the next. That would be pretty confusing, right? You can avoid puzzling your readers by creating a brand voice guide. This guide will help you present a cohesive company image.

Content focus

Know that not all types of content need to be highly professional. If you maintain a blog that keeps people updated on your personal life, then a copywriter might not be the best choice for you. On the other hand, your business website needs to have professional content for prospects to take it seriously.

Every piece of content you create needs to have a clearly defined purpose. Otherwise, it will be easy for you to find yourself writing 2000 word posts that don’t actually contribute to your brand message.

What do you want to accomplish with each content that you post? The better you can answer this question, the better your copywriting will be.

The case for writing your own copy

One compelling reason to write yourself is that it’s free. If you don’t want to have the budget for a copywriter right now, definitely learn how to write effective copy. You can take a course on copywriting!

If you are writing a personal blog post, or if any of your content needs to come directly from you, by all means, do it yourself. Learning how to become a copywriter takes some time. Weigh the pros and cons to see if it’s more expensive for you to invest time or money into your copywriting.

Here’s a start:

Hiring a copywriter

An expert copywriter can make your life so much easier. They write high-quality content with perfect grammar. They use keywords that are just right for your content to rank higher than competitors. They know how to research, seamlessly include your SEO keywords, and conform to your company’s voice. Plus, they know how to use marketing tools related to copywriting.

A great copywriter helps your audience understand the direct value of consuming your content. As a result, you will see a faster ROI and increase in your engagement rates.

Copywriters create new and unique content related to your brand so that it stands out.  They use persuasive language and the right tone to communicate with your audience.

Because it’s their job to consistently write content, you’ll only need to spend time approving. You can use all that free time to do something else!

The case for hiring a copywriter

If you don’t have the time to write your own marketing copy, or you need to focus on other things besides copywriting, it’s probably best to hire a professional copywriter. Copywriting isn’t just a skill, it’s an art form that takes practice and time to develop. Hiring a reliable copywriter who understands how to use words to attract the customers you’re looking for can be priceless.

You can gain a valuable asset to your online business who can help your best clients to find you from anywhere in the world. An experienced copywriter has gone through trial and error, and already comes with all the training necessary to get you discovered and keep your online presence relevant. That’s a great investment for your brand voice that could determine if your online traffic results in a new client or a missed opportunity.

Tips to select your copywriter

The first thing you need to know is where your content needs to go. Do you need social media copy, email copy, website copy, or something else? You will have to communicate your needs to the copywriter you choose. Otherwise, they might get lost!

When you decide to search for your expert copywriter, it’s important to know what skills they have. A few ways you can do this is:

  • Read content from their portfolio: This will help you see their ability and style.
  • Review their profile: If you’re hiring them from a freelance marketplace, they might have reviews from past clients.
  • Look at their work history: You’ll get an idea of where their area of interest is and what makes them qualified.
  • Interview them: Ask questions to gauge their best topics, level of expertise, and honesty. How long have they been writing? Why do they write? Have they ever submitted content that their client didn’t like? How did they react? These questions will let you know how they take criticism.
  • Give them a test: For example, if you need email copy, have them write an email similar to what you’ll require. Then, have them edit it. You’ll discover their writing process and the quality of work they deliver.

Hiring a copywriter is an exercise in trust. Your copywriter will get to know your business intimately. You are trusting them to represent you accurately and positively. That’s a big deal!

Where you can find your copywriter

There are many freelance marketplaces out there, and even more copywriters! The most popular websites for hiring freelancers are Fiverr and Upwork. Some other good ones are:

Take a look around these freelance boards and marketplaces and compare the quality of work from a few different copywriters. Most copywriters pick a niche or subject matter that they prefer to write about. You may strike gold and find a copywriter who is excellent at research and can write about anything.  

Creating synergy with your copywriter

Make sure you are familiar with your copywriter so you can give them ideas and constructive criticism as they create content for you. This is important.

The more your copywriter knows about your brand and your writing style, the more their writing will sound like it came from you. A personal touch is priceless when communicating the value of your course with your audience.

Don’t overwhelm your copywriter. Even if they have a knowledge base on certain topics, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they can take on the extra workload. If you ask them to do too many things, it may affect the quality of their copy, and your relationship with them will suffer.

Should you hire a professional copywriter or do it yourself?

The choice is yours! Some will argue it's better you learn the skill yourself. But if you are not there yet, writing in a compelling way is not your strength or if you need to focus on other areas in your business right now, you should consider hiring a pro.

You know what’s more effective for your time and your brand.

Will you choose to learn a new skill, or will you hire a copywriter?

Let me know in the comments.


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