5 Tasks Every New Personal Brand Entrepreneur Must Complete Each Week

entrepreneur habits leadership perfect customer Sep 06, 2019

It’s never been easier or more difficult to build a powerful personal brand business.

  • On one hand, there are really no barriers to keeping skilled people from sharing their knowledge and create a profitable personal brand.
  • On the other hand, there is so much information out there about how to do so, and most of it has become irrelevant because what used to work is no longer working.

But for sure, if you are ahead of someone and you have great teaching skills, you can help them solve problems and build a business doing so. Zero barriers - except maybe your mindset and beliefs. You just need to figure out how.

With that in mind, here are five things that personal brand entrepreneurs should be doing each week. Most of them, you need to do a lot more of when you are new in the game, but all of them are things you should continue doing far beyond the start-up phase.

1. Have a real conversation with a customer

Talking to your customers might appear so obvious a task it does not deserve top ranking on this list. And what if you don’t have any customers yet?

The most important word here is ‘conversation’. Any personal brand entrepreneur should jump on a discovery call at least one time every single week with the purpose to understand what those you want to serve are struggling with. You’d be surprised how rare it is, that I get a clear answer when I ask entrepreneurs about this.

You shouldn’t solve their problems in those conversations. Neither ask or tell about your products or services or ask what they’d like to see from you.

Instead, you should listen 80% of the time. Ask about their values, their desires, what they tried in the past, what brought them to where they are at and what they believe to be true or false. Your job is to continuously understand their journey and hidden beliefs better - and even better than they do themselves.

In a crowded market place, you have two powerful cards up your sleeve. Your unique combination of skills and personality. And how you show up for them.

Showing up, quite often means being able to help them overcome their fears, doubts and perceived obstacles. To help them remove the barriers to take advantage of the solutions available. You need to dig deep to truly understand what your people need in each part of their journey.

A 30-minute discovery call with a customer or prospect each week will teach you something you can’t find in any YouTube video: How to develop the strongest connection between you and your people.

2. Create a wow moment for at least one customer

Once you have done all that work to understand your perfect customer's journey from the very first time they hear about you to the point where they are voluntarily promoting you, you just need to create the perfect customer experience in each and every single point of that journey. Right?

Wrong. Too time consuming, expensive and overwhelming. Instead, think about a trip to your favourite amusement park. Was there a line to get tickets? Probably. Was there a line to buy lunch? Probably. Were all activities equally fun and perfectly designed without any waiting time? Probably not. Did you have an amazing time and tell your friends? Probably!

You don’t need perfection in every part of your business. On the contrary, striving to do so would probably leave customers with an average experience at an overall level.

Instead, focus on creating peak moments. Something memorable that people will talk about. Out of 10 touchpoints or interactions with your business or your content, make 1 or 2 stand out as the most amazing experience. One should happen early on. One later on in your relationship.

A peak moment can be created for your customers as a group or for prospects still considering if they are ready for you (yep, that’s usually what’s happening - it’s not about you but about them).

While you should continuously work on creating those peak moments, you can easily create wow moments for individual people on an ongoing basis.

Do something unexpected. An act of kindness and appreciation. Those actions are never forgotten!

3. Create a piece of content for your perfect audience

Building your audience is a two-edged sword.

People rarely purchase anything the first time they see it or hear about it. In fact, according to Google on average a purchase happens after 21-24 impressions or touches.

You need to GET in front of new audiences and you need to STAY in front of them a lot longer than just a few years ago. You need to earn trust and help people move forward. In other words, you need to SERVE long before people become customers in your business. If you have been following along in the marketing space for a while, this might not surprise you.

However, quite surprisingly, most forget to STAY in front of their own customers! Attention span is decreasing and customer loyalty is in general only 13%, so there is every reason to do better and focus more on the customers, followers and subscribers you already have.

Did you know 50% of all sales online happens based on customer recommendations?

When you create pieces of content, my suggestion is, you do it with your current audience in mind. Trust you will be able to attract more of YOUR people doing so.

However, also be smart about it. Do your research and make a good part of your content searchable and discoverable for new audiences years to come.

4. Implement at least ONE thing that will propel your business forward

Are you working in your business or on your business? It is so easy to get hung up in daily operational tasks.

I love the ONE-ting framework. Have just ONE single goal for each week. What will you complete this week that has a more profound long-term impact on your business?

Do that first each week. Never make the task bigger than it can (easily) be completed within the week. Break it down if you have to. 52 of those every year will for sure have an impact on your business!

By the end of the week, make a note about next weeks ONE most important implementation task. Then go home and kiss your family and forget about it until Monday morning :)

5. Celebrate your wins with like-minded people who ‘get’ your journey

If you’re not learning, you’re losing. We all are. We are dismissing our ability to continue to serve and inspire those that aspire to be like us. We lose momentum and we lose motivation and self-esteem.

Embracing learning is a huge part of becoming a powerful personal brand entrepreneur. Embracing as in not only truly accepting a learning curve is implied, but learning to love the very fact that you’ll always need to learn to lead.

Learning to many rimes on falling or failing. But there is no failure. There are experiments that gave a different result than expected and that’s fine.

You need to celebrate your experiments no matter what the result. By the end of each week, make a shortlist of what you tried this week and note if it gave the result or not. When you try something, you’ll either get the result you want or the lesson learned you needed.

So why is ‘failure’ so hard to accept? Well, because of your perception of what failure is as mentioned. But also because you allow other peoples perception to determine if you failed or not.

We fear judgement more than anything. We fear we are not loved, respected or admired if we fail.

Do you know who won’t judge you? People who also burned the boats and went to Entrepreneur Island! Find your group of peers and a good coach who will always cheer on you and remind you how awesome you are - and how important ‘failed’ experiments are to your business.

Find an opportunity to celebrate whatever you succeeded at or learned this week. Celebrate among people who ‘get’ your journey. Talk about the weather, their lives or soccer with those who are not on the same journey. Their opinions do not matter to your success.

I hope this short collection of weekly tasks has inspired you to think more about what you’re doing, why you’re doing it for, and how you apply a learning approach and enjoy the ride even more.

And… I suppose you don’t mind if applying these tasks to your weekly to-do’s will help you make money faster, will you?

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