5 Ways of Being Smarter About Your Video - Ep #008

podcast Jun 15, 2020

In this first solo episode, I share 5 ways of being smarter about your video. Actionable tips to either improve what you are already doing - or to get started with videos TODAY.
Tip #1: Good quality recording
I share tips to record good quality easily and without huge investments.
I bet the last one is not what you expect!
Tip #2: Batch record
I outline how you can best get a number of videos done in one day.
Tip #3: Ask-strategy
Instead of randomly creating content, why not create what people are asking for? The Ask-strategy for content creation includes 4 sources of content ideas that your audience wants.
Tip #4: Repurpose
Your video can be used in multiple ways. Repurposing means you are adapting and changing the content to serve your audience or customers in more than one place. I share 6 ways you can easily repurpose your video. On my Facebook page you can find this video that explores even more and show you how.
Tip #5: Capture data
This is too much of a comprehensive topic to go in-depth here and I will dive more into this in future episodes. But I did want to highlight a few things you can consider:
  1. Using TubeBuddy for success on YouTube
  2. Creating Custom Audiences on Facebook for retargeting video viewers


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