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These 5 revenue hacks can give you a headstart in your niche!

content sales webinars Oct 16, 2018

Increasing your marketing budgets, launching a new product, increasing your prices... 

There are many, many ways to increase your revenue. 

However, the devil lies in the detail and here are 5 areas that are sometimes overlooked or less prioritized. Maybe there is an idea in there for you too?

  1. Warm up your prospects and educate them to be ready to buy. When you are selling intangible products the trust factor is much bigger and you need to earn your *ask*. First, you need to give, give, give. Your prospects should feel they know what you can do for them, they should like you, and they should trust you. Your funnels should be built for that to happen in a natural next-step flow.

  2. Spread your wings and capture leads with discoverable content. With a solid content creation strategy, you will be able to repurpose your content and position this content in numerous contexts. Some of your content should be timely and relevant for taking action right now. Other content should be evergreen and discoverable years down the road, still equally relevant and helpful. Do you have a solid content strategy to capture leads?

  3. Educate your prospects in webinars. Creating and hosting amazing webinars can be a super powerful sales platform for you. Focus on four areas to achieve a significant rise in revenues from webinars: Get more people to show up live, become a master of creating powerful slide decks (there is a science to that!), ease into your sales pitch with elegance and handle objections before they occur.

  4. Design a powerful support system to close the deal. Stay on your webinar until the very last question. Implement Messenger bots as part of your Facebook marketing funnel. Have a chat function installed on your sales page. Offer a personal call at the end of your funnel to help those out still on the fence. Realize some are taking longer to decide than others. Don't chase those who did not express interest but invest your time in being available and helpful to those who are paying attention already. 

  5. Handle or avoid refunds smarter. Be aware of the buyer remorse kicking in and create an amazing onboarding process. Design clever refund policies and understand most requests has nothing to do with the quality of your content. Your system should be set up to handle confusion, remorse and outright panic your clients may experience after making a decision to change something important in their lives. Rarely refunds are even related to something you did or did not do or offer.

Which hacks has worked for you and which areas call for improvement?


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