Write, Publish & Market a Book to Grow Your Impact, Income and Customer Base 

From book idea or manuscript to published in just a few months. 

✅  All the steps from idea to marketing
✅  All rights to the book belong to you
✅  Paperback, hardback, ebook, audiobook
✅  You hold all decision making power
✅  Choose your level of support

Business Growth

Develop your book idea, understand the market for it, set your goals and create a solid plan for how to optimise your impact, income and business growth with the perfect book for your business.

Hack Your Brain

Learn how your brain is attempting to stop you from writing and find your best strategy to write a powerful, unique manuscript without spending years or never finishing your book. 

Design that Sells

Know the technical requirements for your book and learn how you can work with a professional book designer to increase book sales and convert readers to email subscribers and customers.

Sell Books & More

Strategically build or grow your audience and your network to set yourself up for author success using the Magic Marketing Matrix. Know exactly when to do what in your book promotion.

This is for you, if ...

  • You are a consultant, coach, public speaker, teacher, or similar and want to strengthen your personal brand, attract your ideal customers, and get invited on stages and podcasts.

  • You have a solid and well-defined solution or method that you want to share with more people. 

  • You are overwhelmed by the idea of years of writing, publisher rejections, or tech stuff. 

  • You need the steps AND the support to help you make the right decisions - maybe even someone to keep you accountable. 

3 ways book publishing is completely different for people who are selling their knowledge in some form!

You practised your message

You already have a large amount of information well organised and you put your knowledge into a monetisable system. The big problem with writing books is not to write them but rather not knowing which message to convey and how. You already spent years figuring out how you best communicate with and teach your audience. That's the foundation of your book as well as your business!

You already have content

If you are currently solving problems for or teaching your customers, then you don't lack content for your book. You may even already have written articles, or created blog posts, videos, podcasts, or other teaching material that you can base your book on. The rest is available in your brain already. You'll transform all of this knowledge into an exciting book format optimized to suit your business goals.

The book is a marketing tool

You are well trained in delivering fantastic value to your audience and have them listen to you. You have a message to share that people care about. No matter whether your core product or service is a course, a talk, consultancy, coaching or something else, the expert authority from a book can boost your sales and your mark in the world. This program helps you create a book to take your buiness to the next level.

In this program, you are no longer alone

We've built in all the support you need to create the right book for your market, stay on track in your writing process, be able to figure out all the tech stuff, know your strategic options, and select what is the better solution for YOU.

The best part of this program is that there is never more than a week until the next time you will be able to get into a conversation with your book coach and have any questions answered. You can jump on Zoom Mondays at 9 am PST / 12 pm ET / 4 pm GMT.

Join other aspiring authors going through the same process as you. In the free, private Facebook group, you will be able to share parts of your work for feedback, ideas, and inspiration from other authors. This is also where special invitations will show up from time to time!

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

If you prefer a more intensive program with even more personal support for quicker results, you now have the option to choose the individual program with 12 personal coaching sessions over 6 months in addition to the video course.

Join Nonfiction Author School now

In the Weekly Q&A calls, there is an all questions answered guarantee - even if there are more questions than we can get through in an hour. All you need to do is send your question in advance and we will reach out to you if there wasn't enough time that particular day.

You can follow the program at your own pace using the step-by-step videos, downloadable worksheets and audio files. You will have access to the video course immediately after signing up and for a whole year. It is possible to extent the period if needed.

The Facebook group is obviously open 24/7⏰

All amounts in US dollars

Nonfiction Author School's
Author Program


Group program with video course and weekly Q&A. For you who want to go through the process at your own pace but want a high level of support available through weekly coaching sessions with an all questions answered guarantee.

You enjoy a discount by choosing the all-at-once payment option.

YES, sign me up to become an author!

Nonfiction Author School's
Author Program


Group program with video course and weekly Q&A. For you who want to go through the process at your own pace but want a high level of support available through weekly coaching sessions with an all questions answered guarantee.

Select this option for a 3-part payment (automated for your convenience).

YES, sign me up to become an author!

Intensive individual coaching
throughout your book project


For you who want an affordable option for an individual program with ongoing individual coaching and feedback.

The program includes the step-by-step video course with downloadable worksheets and audio files. You'll get 12 individual coaching sessions over the next 6 months based on your specific work.

YES, sign me up to become an author!

Frequently Asked Questions

You have full access to everything for 365 days. You probably won't need more than half of that.

You will need a proofreader and a designer. We'll help you find an affordable one specialised in self-published books. You'll also need illustrations. Some publishing platforms charge a small fee but it's not a significant investment.

Yes, we offer that service when it's right for you. But you can totally do this yourself.

That's an easy one. You. We also don't take a cut of your royalties.

It does not take a year to write and publish your nonfiction book. Far from it. But sometimes life gets in the way so we introduced an option to extend your access with a monthly subscription.

Let's first make clear that you will also get lots of feedback and coaching in the group program. This happens in the weekly Q&A Zoom calls, where all participants can present their questions and discuss what's best for them. You can ask your question in the Facebook group in advance and either get immediate help from a fellow author, or enjoy the guarantee that your book coach will reach out to you personally after the Q&A if we didn't get around to your question within the time available.

In the individual program, all 12 coaching sessions are individual and you have the option to forward material you want feedback on 48 hours before your session. The duration of the program is 6 months and you will have a coaching session every 2nd week on average.


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